Woman recounts moments before massive flames ripped through her home

Sadly, Lori Farr lost all four of her dogs and even her brother’s ashes

Family loses home, dogs in trailer fire

SAN ANTONIO – A Southeast Side family needs help after everything they owned went up in flames in a massive fire that broke out Sunday evening.

The family’s mobile home and an apartment unit were destroyed.

“It happened so quick,” said Lori Farr, the woman renting the mobile home. “It was so quick, and it was gone.”

Southeast Side fire (Courtesy: Paris Mesquiti)

Farr said she and her son were finishing up with laundry when the fire approached their doorstep.

“We had our door open and was just about to close it and turn the air conditioners on when my son ran out and came back and said, ‘Momma! Momma! There is a fire outside!'”

Farr said she quickly got her mother, who is 71 years old and has Type 2 diabetes; her 11-year-old son, who has asthma; and her fiancé out safely.

“I am surprised I even have a voice,” Farr said.

Southeast Side family without a home following fire, officials say

Sadly, all four of Farr’s small chihuahuas died.

“They were right there,” Farr said through tears. “I miss them, my babies. I just couldn’t get them out.”

Farr said she didn’t even have any shoes when she got out of her home. On Monday, when their family rummaged through the rubble, they were able to save family photos, tools that belonged to her late husband who died a few years ago, and an American flag that belonged to her son’s grandfather, who was a veteran. Unfortunately, Farr lost the ashes of her brother, who died just a year ago.

“I had them on my entertainment center,” Farr said. “They are gone with all of the memories.”

Bobby Bain, her landlord, is also emotional about the loss.

“I was devastated when they called me,” Bain said. “When I was coming, you can see the flames from a long distance away, and it was just very hurtful, you know, to lose this. But I was more concerned about the family and their well being, and seeing how they lost everything is just heartbreaking. I don’t have insurance, and they don’t have insurance as well, so it’s going to be hard.”

Currently, Farr said they are trying to get medicine for both her mother and her son for their health issues. She said though the American Red Cross is helping, she is starting from scratch with trying to find another place to live.

The landlords are now working to raise money for both families who lost their homes, including the family in the apartment unit behind Farr’s trailer. As they ask for the community’s support, they said they are grateful that everyone made it out alive.

“I know they lost their dogs and pets and all that, and that is one thing, but to lose their life, that is not good,” Bain said. “I just thank God above that they are OK.”

“I thank God that my mom is safe,” Farr said through tears. “My son is safe, my fiancé is safe and that we all made it out safe. ... The only thing I can say is ‘Thank you, God.'’

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