Warmer weather increases need for pool safety, child advocates say

State agency reports at least two dozen child drownings in 2020

SAN ANTONIO – Jumping into a swimming pool in the backyard is fun for adults and children alike, yet that's where many child drownings have occurred, with at least two dozen so far this year in Texas.

"If nobody's watching, the kids can drown quickly," said Kim Hill, the community initiatives specialist for Child Protective Services.

The state agency is tasked with investigating all child drownings.

"We look into what we called neglectful supervision," Hill said. "It may not be intentional. It usually never is when it comes to drownings."

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Even so, Hill said, "We have to make sure -- was somebody watching the pool? Were they under the influence? Was there something that could have been done to prevent the drowning?"

They're tough questions to ask in the wake of a child drowning, but investigators need to be certain, Hill said.

In an effort to save lives, she said CPS urges parents and caregivers to take the necessary precautions to help prevent drownings. She said the agency wants to educate families ahead of time about the potential risks.

“We’re having those conversations with family ahead of time to really try to prevent it from becoming the drowning,” Hill said.

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