WATCH: KSAT Kids News Brief has latest on summer school, San Antonio Zoo reopening, and flying spiders

Weekly news brief brings your kiddos all the latest content and activity ideas they can enjoy at home

SAN ANTONIO – This week’s news brief, in the player above, offers the latest on the reopening of public schools for summer school. Summer school for some students can begin on June 1, but kids are not required to be there in person.

Also this week, the San Antonio Zoo and Witte Museum will reopen. First they will open up to their members and a few days later to the general public.

The spring season is in full swing and we may be seeing a lot of different kinds of critters out and about. This week we talk about what some people may think our flying spiders but they are actually just being carried by the wind.

If you have a budding reporter or junior meteorologist at home they can email their video to to be a part of the brief.

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