‘Change the narrative’: Residents in city’s East Side march for change

The community is described as a place filled with minorities and challenges

SAN ANTONIO – A group of residents in San Antonio’s East Side marched together in an effort to end racial inequality and police brutality.

The group’s main goal on Sunday was to be heard, but also educate each other on racial differences.

“If we don’t know our history, we’re going to repeat it, just like we see it being repeated now,” said march organizer, Krystalyn Fonseca.

Fonseca grew up in the area and described the East Side as a place of different cultures, but said there have been challenges for a long time.

“We don’t have the same type of access to education that North Side schools have access to,” she said.

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Following the police killing of George Floyd, she felt more conversations needed to happen.

“We need things like this where people can come, congregate talk to each other, and learn,” said Fonseca.

Andre Erwin hopes by sharing that knowledge, people who live outside the area will understand the challenge people of color face.

Erwin wants people to understand protesters are angry but are not aggressive.

“That is the voice of the unheard. That is the voice of the suppressed,” he said.

Erwin said communities everywhere should unite and remain educated on racial biases in San Antonio.

“If we can’t come together as a community, how are we supposed to combat police brutality?”

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