San Antonio ranked No. 4 for least expensive city for adopting a dog

Alamo City one of cheaper places to adopt; buying one costs double on yearly price

SAN ANTONIO – A new study suggests that more people have become interested in fostering or adopting animals since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The dog food and product company, Veterinary Naturals says because of the current stressful climate and having to stay home, people are craving social nourishment and peace of mind through animals.

Because of the recent spike, the company conducted a study on the cost of owning a dog in the US.

They looked at several factors including purchase or adoption fees, vet bills, food costs, cost of dog walkers and more.

Overall, they found that adopting a dog is much cheaper than buying one.

The study said San Antonio is ranked as the fourth cheapest city in the US when it comes to adopting a dog, with adoption fees averaging at $200 and veterinary fees at $359 plus additional fees like food and supplies. The study also found that it costs about $2,929 a year to adopt a dog locally.

That’s significantly less than what the study found on the cost to buy a dog in San Antonio: which is $4,330.

Several non-profits and San Antonio Animal Care Services are holding contactless adoptions. Here are some additional links for pet adoptions in the San Antonio area:

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