Tips on how to avoid heat exhaustion during the hottest days of the year

Heat exhaustion can happen anytime the heat index is 90 or above

SAN ANTONIO – The heat is on in San Antonio and this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic more people may be heading outdoors to get fresh air, exercise and vacation.

That is why some medical professionals believe this year they may also see increased cases of heat-related illnesses.

“I do think that we are going to see that a little bit more probably this season that we would in the past because even for vacation, families are choosing to go camping outdoors and to do some other outdoor activities since typical other summer vacation might not be available,' Fetch MD physician assistant Autumn Postell said.

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Appropriated precautions need to be taken if heading outdoor especially if exercising.

Some tips before heading outside:

  • Exercise in the early morning or late evening hours. When the heat index is over 90 our natural body cooling system which is to produce sweat doesn’t work as well when the humidity is high.
  • Wear loose, light-colored clothing and a hat.
  • Make sure to hydrate before going into the heat.
  • Only wear a mask if you are around a crowd of people. It is not recommended you wear one while exercising as it might make it harder to breathe and cause heat exhaustion. If you do wear one make sure its breathable and made out of cotton.

As far as symptoms of heat exhaustion they can range from cramping, dizziness and vomiting.

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If you do start to feel any of the symptoms immediately get out of the heat if possible, cool off with wet towels or ice packs and start rehydrating.

If symptoms don’t reside after about 50 minutes then you need to seek emergency help.

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