Remember him? Former KSAT anchor talks about the passion that made him leave TV news

Charles Gonzalez talks about his love for coffee in Episode 6 of KSAT Explains

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There has been an explosion of local coffee shops in San Antonio over the last few years.

From cafes to coffee trucks, there seems to be no shortage of options these days. A member of the KSAT family even changed his entire life for coffee.


Charles Gonzalez used to be a reporter and anchor at KSAT, but fell in love with coffee and made a total career change.

He opened a coffee shop and it took off. He left the anchor desk to explore the coffee counter a few years ago.

But what does Charles love about coffee? For one thing, he finds it fascinating.

“You could take the same bean from the same farm, process it three different ways, then roast each of those three different ways, and then brew them three different ways,” said Charles. “From one bean, you could have 27 different drinks at the end. And that’s what’s really interesting about coffee, it’s so nuanced.”

To hear more from Charles, and to learn more about the evolution of coffee culture in San Antonio, check out the latest episode of KSAT Explains below.

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