Federal eviction protection ends for some renters in San Antonio

Expert says rent is due for those who have not paid during COVID-19 pandemic

San Antonio – Federal eviction protection under the CARES Act has expired for properties under federal loans and mortgage lender companies, affecting renters in certain San Antonio neighborhoods.

The now-lapsed eviction protection provided in the CARES Act, signed on March 27, protected renters against evictions in certain housing developments, including low-income housing.

Genevive Fajardo, a clinical professor at St. Mary’s Law School, said there are some exceptions for some properties that could mean renters have extra time to stay in their homes.

“Some very limited groups of people may still be protected from eviction until Aug. 31st,” Fajardo said. “And that’s the exact kind of thing that we would want to talk to someone about on the hotline to walk them through whether or not their property is protected and what their particular rights are going forward.”

However, Fajardo said, the bottom line is rent is due for those who have not paid over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The takeaway is if you haven’t paid rent and you can’t pay rent, you need to be talking to the city, to the county, immediately to see if they can help you out,” Fajardo said.

Renters under the CARES Act should know that a landlord usually give 30-day notice to vacate before starting the actual eviction process, those not under the federal protection get 1-3 days. At that time, Fajardo says renters should try to come up with a plan to make a payment if they can.

The City of San Antonio also requires landlords to include a letter of information to tenants about what the eviction process entails and information about payment assistance available.

Currently, the U.S. Congress is working on a new bill that could extend assistance to those who rent from federally backed properties, but that has not yet been approved.

St. Mary’s Law School and The Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid are offering free help on their hotline. You can reach them at 210-570-6135.

For more information on properties covered in the CARES Act and what that means, click here.

To see if your property is a property that is federally backed, click here.

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