‘We have come a long way’: Classes already underway for one North East ISD school

Students at Castle Hills Elementary School, a year-round school, have been learning virtually since July 21

CASTLE HILLS, Texas – While teachers, students and parents across the city gear up for the first day of school, classes at one North East ISD school are already underway.

For students at Castle Hills Elementary School, a year-round school, the first day of class was on July 21.

The hallways have been empty, and all 470 students enrolled at Castle Hills Elementary have been learning virtually.

Elisabeth Myers, a third-grade teacher at Castle Hills Elementary School, says starting the school year with a concrete plan and schedule has been helpful.

In addition to "live virtual" instruction, teachers are making videos and posting them online for students.

"The kids that aren't able to be live during the times that we have scheduled, they can go back and watch the videos," Myers said. "They can still communicate with teachers. So the flexibility is really nice, and I think parents love that too."

As far as advice for going back to campus, Myers says patience is essential, and parent communication is more important than ever.

"I think with all of us as teachers, learning how to make the adjustment, it's definitely been a learning process for sure," Myers said. "But I definitely think from the beginning of virtual learning to now, we have come a long way."

“Of course, all teachers, including myself, we want to go back to the classroom, and we want to be with our students,” Myers continued. “It’s important. That’s our job. But at the end of the day, health and safety are definitely important, and I think our district does a good job balancing both.”

Classes will remain online until at least Labor Day.

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