How to get best results with air fryers

You can cook a lot more than chicken nuggets and fries

Air fryer (File)
Air fryer (File)

SAN ANTONIO – Air fryers are having their moment in the kitchen, and they are not just for chicken nuggets. With a little know-how, you can cook up a whole menu of air-crisped foods.

Air fryers are like countertop convection ovens. They cook by circulating hot air which creates a crispy surface.

How to save money in your kitchen

“You can use it for things you would normally bake or roast,” said Consumer Reports’ Paul Hope.

Consumer Reports staffers took test models home to try a big menu, including roasted asparagus, banana bread, bratwurst, avocado fries, miso cod fish, ribs, spring rolls and even pizza.

How do you get the best results?

“Food should be totally dry before it goes into the air fryer,” Hope said. “You want to toss it with a little oil or spray it with some cooking spray.”

Check the the food often, and turn it so it cooks evenly. Give small foods like wings or fries an occasional toss.

Don’t use foods that have been dipped in batter, because the fans will blow the batter off. And, don’t overfill the basket. Three-fourths full is best.

As for cleanup, just wipe the basket down with soapy water.

CR says the Farberware HF-91B is a best buy at $70.

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