Not wanting to be surrounded by too much positivity is a natural response, experts say

It’s important to not let toxic positivity take place of listening thoughtfully to other people experiences

Experts from CNN say toxic positivity can happen in some of the least expected ways. Sometimes, glossing over challenges can make those who are struggling feel worse.

One example of this could be when a parent is exhausted from changing diapers or the unusual feeding times, they might not want to hear words like “oh, you’ll miss it one day.” It’s not that people disagree, but that they are not looking for what for them, is a reality check. However, this doesn’t mean that being cheerful is a bad thing either.

A positive attitude can be a gift to those around you. It is important to not let it take place of listening thoughtfully to other people experiences.

Experts add it is also important to know that toxic positivity does not show up in how we treat others. Many people give intense pressure on themselves to ignore difficult emotions that can cause psychological and physical harm.

Finally, is all about being balanced. The lesson of toxic positivity is not about the right or wrong way to feel, instead is about learning to listen to yourself and others.

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