Bexar County DA says release of grand jury material in Breonna Taylor case is ‘rare’

Kentucky judge orders release of grand jury proceedings in Breonna Taylor death

SAN ANTONIO – The death of Breonna Taylor, who was killed when Louisville police exchanged gunfire with her boyfriend during a botched raid, has created a firestorm of controversy.

A grand jury indicted one of the officers on wanton endangerment charges. The grand jury proceedings have now been ordered released by a Kentucky judge. It’s a move Bexar County District Attorney Joe Gonzales said was rare.

“I wouldn’t ever say that there would never be a situation where that would happen,” Gonzales said Tuesday. “But I would certainly believe that to be very rare indeed.”

In Bexar County, grand jury transcripts are only available when there is witness testimony which is rare.

Gonzales said the precedent of releasing grand jury testimony is concerning, but added, “I’m not as worried because that’s up in Kentucky, and of course we’re in Texas, and every state handles their own grand jury process.”

Gonzales said Texas grand jury proceedings are sacred.

“In Texas, state law mandates that grand jury proceedings are, by their very nature, secret,” he said.

Though he said he plans to continue to abide by state laws, Gonzales said that every rule, whether in Kentucky or Texas, almost always has an exception.

Kentucky attorney general agrees to release grand jury tapes in Breonna Taylor case

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