Cheap, healthy foods to start buying and eating

There are several super foods that can keep you and your bank account stuffed.

When it comes to healthy eating it can sometimes be more expensive, compared to the dollar menu at your local fast food restaurant.

But according to -- there are several super foods that you can get at your next trip to the grocery store that can replenish your vitamins, without breaking the bank.

First up: Peanut Butter.

At a cost of just 54 cents per serving, peanut butter is not only tasty, it also gives your body some of the same benefits as tree nuts like almonds or coconuts, which are generally more expensive. It’s full of mono and polyunsaturated fats which are heart healthy, and is a natural source of zinc and Vitamin E. Just make sure to use ‘natural peanut butter" to avoid too much added sugar or oils.

Number 2: Kale.

Put it in a nice soup or salad, and you will enjoy the benefits of this undisputed superfood. At the cost of about 69 cents per serving, nutritionists say one cup of kale cooked has about 10 times the daily value of Vitamin K, which is essential to bone health. It also has lots of Vitamin A which helps with your vision.

Number 3: Tuna.

Your standard can of tuna can also deliver a big portion of omega-3’s at just 96 cents a serving. Omega-3s can lower blood pressure, and reduce the likelihood of heart attack or stroke. Just watch out for mercury intake. Nutritionists say look for chunk light tuna, rather than the white albacore tuna.

Number 4: Oranges.

At about a dollar per serving, nutritionists say you can get your entire day’s worth of Vitamin C in just a single orange. but don’t substitute for orange juice. That’s because oranges also have fiber. You also get another boost in your vision health, thanks to beta-carotene.

Number 5: Eggs.

At a cost of just 19 cents per serving, which is one egg, you get a smorgasbord of vitamins including protein, Vitamin D, lutein, and other essentials that can lower the risk of eye diseases like macular degeneration. They are extremely versatile and can be scramble, boiled, and even made into a healthy omelet.

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