It’s a dirty job. These vacuums clean up best

Consumer Reports finds the best vacuums for the job

More stay-at-home time likely translates into more messes and more cleanup. If you are considering a new vacuum, Consumer Reports has recommendations depending on your floor types.

Robotic vacuums are good at picking up dropped snacks and dust bunnies. CR recommends the Eufy 11S for $220.

Robotic shouldn’t be your only vacuum. To reach embedded dirt, you need an upright or canister for strong suction.

If carpet is king in your house, CR suggests an upright and recommends the Miele Dynamic U1 Cat and Dog for $699.

For carpeted stairs, a canister is easier to maneuver. CR recommends the Kenmore Pop N Go BC4026 for $279.

Stick vacs are handy for quick cleanups and good for bare floors. CR’s top-rated corded model is the Shark APEX Uplight Lift-Away DuoClean LZ601 4275 for $275.

While cordless sticks might be easier to use, Consumer Reports does not recommend them.

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