SAPD: Man took aim at 5 people inside Southwest Side home, shot 2

Witnesses told police suspected gunman ‘started acting crazy’

SAN ANTONIO – Two people are being treated for gunshot wounds that they suffered inside a Southwest Side home early Wednesday.

According to a preliminary report, witnesses told San Antonio police that the suspected gunman started “acting crazy,” then shot two other men who were having a conversation nearby.

Officers who responded to the shooting call after 1:30 a.m., found both victims at the home in the 2600 block of Quintana Road.

Their report says three other people told them the suspect also took aim at them.

They said in one case, the gun jammed when the suspect pulled the trigger.

Based on the report, it does not appear he pulled the trigger when he aimed at the other two witnesses.

Those three people told police they were in other rooms of the house when they heard the gunshots ring out.

They say they then ran to the room where the suspect and victims were, then the suspect turned his gun toward them.

Police say the two men who were shot, both in their 40s, were rushed to a hospital with serious wounds.

Early on, they said one victim was shot in the face.

Officers found the suspect passed out in a bedroom, the report says.

He also had to be taken to a hospital for treatment of some sort of overdose, the report stated.

Initially, officers at the scene said there was only one gunshot victim, and that two people were passed out.

However, their later report offered a different version, indicated above.


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