Mobile home park evacuees say they escaped flooding in their homes

Some residents at Lazy Acres evacuated in face of rising waters, which they say didn’t end up entering their mobile homes

Residents of Southwest Side mobile home park recount flooding conditions

SAN ANTONIOEDITOR’S NOTE: The video for this story uses the incorrect name for the mobile home park. The correct name, used below, is Lazy Acres.

Wanda Boyette was expecting an Amazon delivery when she looked out the door of her mobile home on Tuesday.

When she checked for her package, it was there, but so were the floodwaters.

“It was totally shocking because, it was like, you couldn’t see ground anywhere,” Boyette said.

Around the rest of the Lazy Acres Mobile Home Park in the 8600 block of New Laredo Highway, residents gradually became aware their park was turning more into a pond as the nearby Leon Creek overflowed.

“I just was in the house and I heard somebody honking a lot, you know? And I came outside and he just said, ‘Get out, get out,’” Valerie Craft remembered.

Whether they left their mobile homes like Craft, or stayed like Boyette, all the residents KSAT spoke with Wednesday said their mobile homes, raised a few feet off the ground, ended up being safe from the water.

Though one resident said her neighbor’s mobile home did get water in it, KSAT was unable to confirm that directly as the neighbor did not want to speak with the news crew.

The lack of damage to their homes didn’t make the situation any less frightening as it developed.

Adrian Anzualda’s biggest fear is water, having nearly drowned as a child and not knowing how to swim as adult. He worried about would happen if he needed to save one of his granddaughters from the floodwaters.

The girls, on the other hand, worried about another member of the family their pet lizard.

“So they were yelling ‘Charmander! Charmander.’ So they brought him with us, too,” Anzualda said.

So their family, Charmander included, made it out and back safely.

About the Author:

Garrett Brnger is a reporter with KSAT 12.