Here’s why one San Antonio area family decided to go the homeschool route

More families are becoming interested in homeschooling since pandemic

After spending a year at home learning virtually and seeing her children enjoy being at home, one family decided to switch to homeschooling.

SAN ANTONIO – There’s been a dramatic increase in homeschooling in the San Antonio area since the start of the coronavirus pandemic and that hasn’t lessened even with the start of a new school year.

“Because I love home, and I love school,” four-year-old Lily Tavera said, explaining why she loves homeschool.

Lily is starting Pre-K for the first time, but not in a classroom or at a school, but in a classroom at home that she shares with her brothers Jacob, who is starting third grade and James, an eighth grader.

”It’s a bit more funner than normal,” Jacob Tavera said. “And you get to stay with your family and not get COVID.”

Mom now turned teacher to her three children, Kristi Tavera said she and her husband had been thinking about taking their children out of public school and homeschooling for a while. After spending a year at home virtually and seeing her children enjoy being at home, they decided to make the switch.

”It wasn’t just like one thing, that’s it, I’m pulling him out,” Tavera said. “It was kind of a slow progression over time.”

She said some of the reasons for making the switch included keeping her children safe during the pandemic and wanting to choose their own curriculum. She said she is also able to give her third grader Jacob the attention he needs.

“With my youngest, he is ADHD, I really wanted to keep him off of electronics,” Tavera said.

By law, homeschool families must choose their own curriculum, and they can make their own schedule. Tavera said she was intimated about teaching her eighth grader math and science, which is why they chose a computer led curriculum with a STEM focus for him.

”He’s doing an online course,” Tavera said. “It’s not teacher-led, it’s computer-led. So what he knows they are going to go ahead and skip and go to what he doesn’t know. So he’s constantly being challenged.”

Another priority of theirs is to incorporate lots of travel. Her husband travels for work, so they bought an RV to tag along with him and more importantly use it to take field trips to teach their children about different parts of the country, along with history and culture.

”We are able to see things and experience things that they would not experience if they were sitting in a classroom with 25 other kids,” Tavera said.

James said traveling with his family is one of his favorite parts that goes with the homeschool schedule.

”I think travel is pretty good,” James said. “You should see something in your life. You got the possibility of 80 years, you ought to use them to the best capability.”

Homeschool advocates say it’s important to know the difference between homeschool and public school at home. Public school at home is still tied to the public school system curriculum and schedule and have teachers who teach and grade.

In homeschooling, parents choose the curriculum, make the schedule and are the teachers and in charge of grading and transcripts. To read more about homeschooling and how it works, click here.

About the Author:

Sarah Acosta is a weekend Good Morning San Antonio anchor and a general assignments reporter at KSAT12. She joined the news team in April 2018 as a morning reporter for GMSA and is a native South Texan.