From the power grid failure to homelessness in San Antonio: What you can expect from the next season of KSAT Explains

First episode of new season airs on KSAT 12 in primetime at 9 p.m. on Tuesday

New season of KSAT Explains out Aug. 17 (KSAT 2021)

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The KSAT Explains Stream Team is dedicated to exploring a range of impactful, local topics each week. And the next batch of episodes will be no different.

For the past couple of months, our team has been busy researching and reporting for our new season, which kicks off next week on Aug. 17.

So what can you expect from Season 5 of KSAT Explains?

In the first few episodes, we’ll team up with the KSAT 12 Defenders to dive deep into the state’s power grid, the foster care system and the debate over clearing homeless encampments.

Are you still unclear about exactly what went wrong during February’s winter storm? Do you have questions about why our foster care system seems so broken? Are you curious about the state’s recent ban on tent cities and how it’ll affect the people who live in them? We’ll answer these questions in our first few episodes.

We’re also always looking for more issues to break down. What do you want explained? What major South Texas story do you think needs more context?

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