Who do you remember on Day of the Dead? Share your photos with KSAT News Now

Tell us about your loved one, what goes on their ofrenda

Watch the 2021 Day of the Dead San Antonio River Parade at 8 p.m. on KSAT on Friday, Oct. 29


As KSAT gears up for the annual Day of the Dead river parade, KSAT News Now, our new bite-sized, viewer-driven show, wants to help celebrate your loved ones who have passed.

Tell us about who you honor this time of year. You can share a photo of them or of their altar below. Most people decorate their loved one’s altar with food, trinkets and memorabilia they loved. So we also want to hear about some of the items you make sure to put on your ofrenda.

Viewer submissions below may be chosen to air on KSAT News Now during Day of the Dead or during KSAT’s parade after-party.

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Alyssa Medina is the Video-On-Demand Producer and has worked at KSAT since 2016. She creates exclusive content for the KSAT-TV streaming app. Some of her most notable contributions focus on race and culture or health and wellness. She's created the segments 'Creating Black History in S.A.' and 'New Week. New You."