Losoya Street location of new stand-alone public restroom

Discussions began in early 2016

By Stephanie Serna - Reporter

SAN ANTONIO - City leaders have announced the location of a new stand-alone public restroom in downtown San Antonio.

KSAT first reported about a new type of public restroom in January.

The test prototype will be located on Losoya Street between Market and Commerce streets.

"We found the location on Losoya Street between Market and Commerce Street is one of the most high traffic areas in our downtown," said District 1 Councilman Roberto Trevino. "We're going to have many, many people going through that area. We found that that would be a great place to test out this prototype."

Trevino said these new one-person, handicapped-accessible restrooms are easy to maintain, difficult to damage, inexpensive and built in a way to let police and the public know when there's someone inside.

"I think it makes a lot of sense and it's certainly something that's needed," said Tom Furgerson, Casa Rio director of operations. "When there's major events and things like that down here, there's not a lot of options for the public."

The cost for this stand-alone restroom is more than $90,000.

However, Trevino said that's much cheaper than building a facility that may not even be open at all hours.

"People don't realize how much we spend in time and energy and effort," Trevino said. "Never mind the inconvenience of having to clean up our sidewalks because so many people urinate or defecate on our downtown streets and sidewalks."

San Antonio resident Joseph Rodriguez said the price tag may be worth it.

"It is quite a lot of money, but I'm for it," Rodriguez said. "It would be a nice area. Some places around here won't allow you to use the restroom unless you are a paying customer."

"If they are easy to maintain and have good durability, then $90,000 may not be that much money," Furgerson said.

Trevino said a new stand-alone public restroom should be up and running by late May.

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