Family members shed light on abusive relationship missing woman endured before being found dead

Ex-boyfriend accused of kidnapping woman; both found dead Tuesday

By Adrian Ortega, Garrett Brnger - Reporter

DEVINE, Texas - The Bexar County Medical Examiner's Office released the cause of death for Jessica Sanchez and her ex-boyfriend and suspected kidnapper, Jorge Jaramillo.

Devine police said the ME's office has told them both Sanchez and Jaramillo were shot.

They did not have an official manner of death yet, but the case is being investigated as a murder-suicide.

Both bodies were found Tuesday in Medina County.

Danny Ramirez said he's still trying to process the death of Sanchez, his sister.

Officers said the mother of three was kidnapped at gunpoint by Jaramillo. Nine days later, both their bodies were found in a brushy area 12 miles from Sanchez's home.

Sanchez's sister, Blasa Carrillo, said the three young children left behind are dealing with the loss and battling their own fears.

"They're still scared. They want me to make sure that all the doors are locked, the windows are locked. They they want to make sure that nobody can come in and hurt them, hurt anybody," Carrillo said.

Carrillo said the children were locked in a laundry room and left to listen as their mother was kidnapped after Jaramillo broke through a window.

"I thought I was helping my sister out by changing her doorknobs, her padlocks, and I feel like I let her down by not checking her windows and not pushing an alarm system," Carrillo said.

Family members said Sanchez tried to leave the relationshop after Jaramillo pulled a knife on their mother on Memorial Day.

"That day, he got locked up. She had no contact with him, and she moved on," Ramirez said.

Ramirez believes his sister was verbally abused, broken down and controlled. 

"You know, always accusing, jealous of, you know, what she had, what she did for a living, how much money she made," Ramirez said.

Family members are encouraging others to look out for signs of abuse and hoping they'll speak out.

"If anyone's in an abusive relationship of any kind, verbal or physical or mental, speak out. Don't keep it from anybody," Carrillo said.

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