Mission Trails residents need more money to move

Rezoning decision forcing residents to relocate

By Mariza Mendoza - Reporter

It's a race against the clock for Mission Trails Mobile Home Park residents to find a new place to live.

They have three months to leave and if time isn't the challenge, money is.

Moving is tough for anyone, but for the elderly, like Carol Ann Thompson, it's especially difficult.

"A big move like this will kill you, especially at my age," said Thompson.

She's just one of more than 300 people who call the south-side mobile home park home. They're now forced to move after Council members approved a rezoning plan for the land the mobile home park sits on.

According to the city, the developer will pay each resident up to $7,600, if they move by Aug. 15.

Ricardo Canales specializes in moving mobile homes and he believes residents will need more money.

"Just moving a home, yes it's right in the ball park, but for utility hookups and for other things that the customer may need, they're going to need more than that," said Canales.

With just a short time to move and the cost of moving, Thompson is hoping for a miracle.

"I wish someone would be nice and come and say here's a house take it and have your animals with you, and live out the rest of your years. That would be wonderful," said Thompson.

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