Neighbor killed in South Side standoff crossfire ID'd by family

Two men dead, woman beaten, two homes damaged on Belden Avenue

By Garrett Brnger - Reporter

SAN ANTONIO - UPDATE: A family member has identified the neighbor shot and killed Tuesday on the city's South Side.

Lee Roy Bachmeyer was the man allegedly shot and killed by another man, according to Mary Bachmeyer, the victim's sister-in-law.

The Bexar County Medical Examiner's Office and the San Antonio Police Department have not officially released the name of the victim or the suspect.


Gunfire and flames filled Lucille Gonzales' block Tuesday as police engaged in a deadly police standoff with an armed suspect in the 200 block of Belden Avenue on the city's South Side.

Two men, including the suspect, were killed. 

Police said the suspect's wife was severely beaten and a home was burned to the ground while another was partially damaged. 

Neither the suspect or the other man have been publicly identified as of Wednesday afternoon.

From her home across the street, Gonzales could see how much of it unfolded, beginning with a woman coming out of a house and sitting on the porch.

"He came out, pulled her by the hair, got her on the ground, got on top of her and was hitting her," Gonzales said.

But when the woman had a chance to get up, she jumped over the fence and ran away, Gonzales said. Meanwhile, the woman's husband went inside to grab a gun.

"He was going left and right with the gun. It sounded like a machine gun," she said. "He sat on the porch, on one of the chairs and he was just going .... And he was saying something, but I couldn't hear."

Gonzales didn't find out until later that another man had been shot and killed. Her house also bears apparent bullet holes.

She said the woman was yelling after she ran out.

"She said, 'He's gonna set the house on fire.' And sure enough, the fire started in the back part of the house, and it just came down to the front part," Gonzales said.

Police did not want to get close because of the shooting, she said.

"They tried to get him out of the house. He wouldn't come out," Gonzales said. "Finally they started shooting towards him."

Chief William McManus said Tuesday it was unclear if the suspect was already dead when SWAT team members opened fire, saying the man may have killed himself first. McManus said the man was considered dangerous because he was in a prone position on the porch.

Eventually, the whole house went up in flames with the man still on the porch.

Police records show there were a dozen calls for service to the home in the previous two years before Tuesday's incidents. Most of the listed calls were for disturbances, although a robbery, a burglar alarm and a family violence call were among them.

But without a positive ID from officials on who the suspect was, it's hard to say how much of those were related to the people involved in Tuesday's standoff.

Gonzales said the man and woman have had problems before.

"All the time, he was after the woman, and the woman make a big fuss," she said. "And then, she would come back, go away and come back to him again. So, I didn't want to know any more of their lives, but I didn't know that this was going to happen."

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