‘Money: It's Personal' — What to bring with you when filing your taxes

By Ivan Herrera - Web Producer, Valerie Gomez - Video Editor

SAN ANTONIO - If you're getting ready to file your tax return, you'll want to have all your important documents ready to avoid any speed bumps along the way.

If you're not a contract worker, the first thing you'll want to get is your W-2 form from your employer. If your employer hasn't mailed it to you or sent it to you electronically, you'll want to get with your human resources representative.

If you are a contract worker or freelancer, you'll need a 1099-MISC form.

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If you earn income in other ways or earn interest on your assets, there are different 1099 forms for that, too. Make sure to bring those with you when filing your return.  

You'll also want to have your proof of health insurance, which will be on a 1095 form. Depending on how your purchased your insurance, whether through an employer or the through the marketplace, your form will have a different letter assigned to it.

Don't forget to bring in your receipts for any charitable donations and your medical and business receipts if you have any.

If you made federal student loan payments, you may be eligible to deduct a portion of the interest you paid, so make sure to get your 1098-E form from your loan servicer.

Of course, you'll want to have bank information handy in case you want your refund directly deposited into your account.

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