Officials: Aggressive coyotes may be high on shrooms

Rabies ruled out as cause of coyotes' unusual behavior

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Drivers in Northern California have been warned not to feed coyotes -- especially the overly aggressive ones that may have eaten hallucinogenic mushrooms.

At least two coyotes have been reported staring down motorists on Highway 1 and walking onto the roadway, the Pacific Sun reports.

When motorists stop to avoid hitting them, the coyotes reportedly sniff around the vehicle before running away, the Pacific Sun reports.

Rabies has been ruled out since the coyote incidents have been happening for weeks and the disease would have killed them off by now, according to the Pacific Sun.

Officials have suggested two possible reasons: the coyotes have been fed by people in cars -- or the coyotes have ingested the fly agaric mushroom, which is psychoactive, and are tripping.

Officials say that motorists shouldn't feed wild animals because they stop fearing people and could grow more aggressive, the Huffington Post says.

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