Organic recycling program piling up compost

Pilot program may expand city-wide

By Steve Browne - KSAT Weather Authority Meteorologist

SAN ANTONIO - San Antonio is the first city in Texas to offer an organic recycling program.

All solid organic waste is accepted, food waste, banana peels, paper, cardboard pizza boxes, paper shreddings, lawn clippings and leaves are collected in special green recycling barrels and hauled off to New Earth recycling and turned into rich compost for gardens and parks.

"It's kind of like wine making.  We have to take specific amounts of carbon, nitrogen, water and oxygen and keep those things in balance to optimize the microbial composition," said New Earth President Clayton Leonard.

The composting process takes about six months depending on the weather.

Right now, the organic recycling is just a test pilot program in select parts of San Antonio, but David McCary the City Director of the Organic Waste Program said the subject will be brought to City Council next summer to discuss the potential to make organic recycling a city wide service.

"With us taking the lead in the whole State of Texas, then we want to be the first," said McCary.

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