Package explosion at FedEx facility in Schertz has residents on edge

Resident: 'It's scary'

By Tiffany Huertas - Video Journalist

SCHERTZ, Texas - Schertz police are urging residents to be extra vigilant following a package explosion at the FedEx sorting center early Tuesday. 

Nena Caroll-Embrey, who lives down the street from the facility, learned about the incident while watching the news. 

"I had no idea it was this close. I mean, that is right here," she said. "I have an 11-year old that goes to school very close by, and so we always put the television on in the morning and listen to the weather. What are we going to do? How we are going to dress? And we hear this news about FedEx, and FedEx is right there." 

Caroll-Embrey said the heavy law enforcement presence had her worried.

"It's scary. Should we go outside?" she said. 

The blast comes as four other explosions have rattled the city of Austin this month. 

"They need to stop hurting other people," Caroll-Embrey said. 

As federal agents from across the country investigate the FedEx package explosion, the community is on edge. 


Bob Devonshire works next to the FedEx facility and woke up to the scary scene. 

"I saw it on TV and (it) said Schertz? That's the industrial park I work in,'" he said.  

Devonshire said his workplace is constantly receiving packages. 

"We are getting packages all the time, so I don't really think twice," Devonshire said. 

He said people need to be on alert.

"I would be concerned, not only for people in this area, but throughout the country," Devonshire said. 

Schertz City Councilman Ralph Gutierrez said that city officials are "deeply concerned" about the incident. "Our main priority is the safety regarding the employees of FedEx and our citizens. At this time, our local law enforcement agencies are working diligently with federal agencies." 

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