Paying more at the pump: gas prices in Texas hit $2 gallon

Texas drivers are paying 40 cents less than they were a year ago

COPPELL, Texas - Retail gasoline prices in Texas have reached the $2 per gallon mark for the first time this year.

AAA Texas on Thursday reported prices at the pump jumped 7 cents this week statewide. Retail gasoline prices nationwide rose a nickel to reach an average $2.22 per gallon.

El Paso has the most expensive gasoline this week across Texas at an average $2.07 per gallon. Drivers in Corpus Christi have the cheapest gasoline at $1.94 per gallon.

Association officials say the $2 average price per gallon across Texas is 40 cents less than what drivers were paying a year ago.

Authorities say ample gasoline supplies and relatively lower crude oil costs are helping to sustain year-over-year savings.

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