Police find children left home alone

Officers said mother could not be found

By Pat Barton - Assignment Editor

SAN ANTONIO - It started when police found a 4-year-old girl wandering a northwest side neighborhood Sunday morning.

When a neighbor told police where she lived, they found three more children.

All had been left home alone by a mother no one could locate.

Police say the 4-year-old, apparently deaf and unable to speak to officers, was found wandering her neighborhood around 9 a.m.

They say they began asking neighbors if anyone knew the girl and where she lived.

About an hour after they first spotted her, police say one person told them where the little girl belonged.

Officers then went to the house on Village Lance.

They say inside they found three more children, the oldest a 10-year-old, but didn't find the children's mother.

Police decided to take the kids to a children's shelter.

They said the mother, when she was located, would likely face charges.

Police said all the children appeared to be well-fed, and the home was clean and orderly. 

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