Energizing Latino vote will be priority after Democratic National Convention for Bexar County party chair

Monica Alcantara excited to be participating in first DNC Convention

SAN ANTONIO – Watching the Hispanic Caucus on a cellphone ahead of Monday’s start of the mostly virtual Democratic National Convention wasn’t what the Bexar County Democratic Party chair was initially counting on as a delegate.

Even so, Monica Alcantara said she was excited to be taking part in her first presidential nominating convention.

“I’m sure they’re going to have amazing things for us. They have amazing speakers lined up, all on Zoom,” Alcantara said.

Technology has replaced the traditional, jam-packed political conventions because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Even so, Alcantara listened intently to the Hispanic Caucus that featured Congressman Joaquin Castro of San Antonio.

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Alcantara said she wanted to pick up ideas on how to better engage and energize Latino voters.

Although their voting numbers have improved, Alcantara said the turnout could always be better.

“We are working on registering voters. We are working on messaging,” Alcantara said, adding that mail-in ballots are also a possibility, if necessary.

The local chair said several Democratic Party groups in San Antonio are following the proceedings.

Alcantara said she encourages the public to watch the Democratic Convention on any digital device where it is being livestreamed on Facebook and on the convention’s website.

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