SA residents attend presidential inauguration

Visitors encountered long lines, confusion trying to get to events

By Mark Austin - Anchor

WASHINGTON - Plenty of San Antonians made the trek to Washington, D.C., to do some sightseeing and witness Donald Trump being sworn into office.

Amid a crowd of tens of thousands of people attending the presidential inauguration were San Antonians who battled the cold weather and huge lines.

Mark And Jan Fisher said they made travel arrangements for the inauguration early.

"Well actually, it goes back to the evening of the election. We said, 'We have to go. There's no doubt, we have to go.' So it wasn't an option," Mark Fisher said. "We went to Expedia immediately. We got tickets that night."

Cynthia McDaniel, a teacher at Buckner Fanning School, was among of a group of 19 students, teachers and parents who made the trip.

McDaniel's group woke up at 3 a.m. to get an early start. Little did they know it would be a trying time to get in.

"It took like an hour, hour and a half, to walk in," McDaniel said. "The lines for the inauguration were fairly long. And it was another two to three hours."

Despite the best-laid plans, there were major logistical issues for some members of the group.

"I'm actually here with my husband and my son, who are not here on this spot with me because the security separated us," Leanna Kosub said. "After we got through the line, they rerouted all of our students and the rest of our teachers to the Washington Monument."

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McDaniel said that despite some chaotic moments, the trip was worth it.

"We'll look back on this historic moment, and since I teach those historic moments, I think it's going to be one of the best occasions that our students have experienced," she said.

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