Prostitution, heroin use go hand-in-hand, BCSO investigators say

Prostitution stings reveal link

By Tiffany Huertas - Video Journalist

SAN ANTONIO - The Bexar County Sheriff's Narcotics Unit is using their resources to battle the opioid crisis.

A KSAT crew followed as investigators went undercover and conducted prostitution stings.

"It's a way of life (when) you are hungry and you grow up in a rough childhood," a woman identified as "Jane" said.

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She said she was raped and shot, which led her to prescription pill abuse.

"You’re on opioids, you are sedated, you are not thinking, so you are willing to do anything," Jane said.

Her child was taken away from her, she said, and she has little communication with any family.

The BCSO unit continued throughout the morning, bumping into several other women just like Jane.

Investigators found several needles in another woman’s purse, along with heroin.

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One of those investigators has been in law enforcement for over 30 years.

"There is no mechanism on the border to interdict enough of the drugs to keep it off our streets," the investigator said.

The Sheriff's Office said in 2015, 85 men and 48 women were caught with heroin. In 2016, 80 men and 39 women were caught, and so far this year, 91 men and 30 women.

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