Puppies born with no front legs find forever homes

5 months after being abandoned, puppies get adopted

By Mariza Mendoza - Reporter

Five months ago, three puppies from a litter were born with deformed front legs and left in a dumpster to die.

A good Samaritan rescued them and now two of them have forever homes.

The puppies have fit right in to their new homes and families.

Eileen is one of the puppies. Her owner so far couldn't be happier with her four-legged best friend.

"She's actually fantastic, she's really a hyper puppy ... enthusiastic ... lovable ... cuddly, she's great," said Terri Boyce.

Eileen use to be timid and weighed just a few pounds. Nowadays, she's a healthy, happy dog, weighing in at about 6 pounds.

"She does so well, she runs up and down the stairs, she chases the cat, she's able to jump up on the couch, she gets into trouble just fine," said Boyce. "I saw the story and said I want her, and I have to have her and she needs to go to a good home. We can take care of her, and we can afford to take care of her, and we'll make sure she'll get the care that she needs."

According to the family vet, Eileen's front left paw has a very small, incomplete bone that never fully formed. She said amputation is only necessary if it were to break.

One of Eileen's siblings has also found a forever home.

Gene Hartman and his wife adopted Stinger, and they're thrilled with the new family addition.

"Stinger has just been fantastic, she's been into our family, grandkids, what have you," said Hartman.

Stinger was born with practically no front legs, and weighed just four pounds. Now, she's a lot bigger. Her new family includes a playmate named Wonder. Both rescues represent Morgan's Wonderland and the San Antonio Scorpions.

"She'll have high visibility at the games. She'll probably be coming out at the beginning of the games, and somewhat be involved in the half time, and I'm involved in the after game," said Hartman.

"They're going to embrace it, dogs are full of energy. You can tell happy dogs, so the fans are going to love them as well," said Alen Marcina the head coach of the San Antonio Scorpions.

The puppies may have had a rough start in life, but the rest of their lives will no doubt be full of love and fun.

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