Replica of Michelangelo's Pieta unveiled in San Antonio

Only 100 replicas made

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SAN ANTONIO - An exact marble casting of Michelangelo’s Pieta was unveiled Friday in San Antonio. The Shrine of Padre Pio is one of 100 places around the world to get a replica.

The Vatican Observatory Foundation authorized and licensed the creation of 100 sculptures from a mold derived from the original in Vatican City.

The hope is for the replica to draw people who are unable to see the original.

“The locations where these castings, the limited edition of the 100 castings are placed, they have visitors coming to see them every day at the locations that they're placed. And so it creates a revival of interest and activity in the churches,” said David Newren, president of Arte Devine.

El Paso and Fort Worth also have replica sculptures.

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