Seguin police help man get excused from work by writing hilarious note to his boss

‘Please let him stay home, warm and safe and enjoy' some cool shows

By Adrian Garcia - Digital Journalist

SEGUIN - While many schools and businesses were closed due to Tuesday’s winter storm that produced dangerous icy road conditions, some people were still asked to go to work -- unless you were lucky enough to receive an excused absence note from the Seguin Police Department. 

On Tuesday just before 6:30 a.m., the SPD encouraged all Seguin residents to stay home, sharing on its Facebook page that the “roads are really icy and will only keep getting worse.” 

However, despite the message, follower Justin Garcia said he still had to go to work and asked the Police Department, “Can y’all write me a note for work?”

Seguin police did not disappoint and responded to Garcia’s request: “Dear Justin’s Boss, The roads are bad and are going to get worse. Much worse. Please let him stay home, warm and safe and enjoy some Hulu or some cool shows on Netflix. And, he needs a raise. He rocks. Respectfully ~ Deputy Chief B. Ure”

The Facebook “excused absence note” has since gone viral, gaining nationwide attention, but the real kicker is that Garcia said it worked after many asked him if he ended up getting the day off.

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“Soooo, did they give you the day off?” a Facebook user asked Garcia. “Haha yes! I was off yesterday,” Garcia responded.

The excused absence note was not the only hilarious comment the SPD shared Tuesday. 

One Facebook user said, “Since when do Texans let weather keep them from living life ? Cold ? Ohhhhhhhh. Ha ha ha. Our ancestors are laughing their asses off.”


Seguin Deputy Police Chief Bruce Ure countered: “Gregory, our ancestors are dead. We are only concerned with remaining with our living ones and not leaving them today. Just saying. Have a great, safe day.”

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