Sharlotte Mott: 'We never had a chance to grieve properly'

Mother testifies in trial of her daughter's body disappearing from funeral home

By Paul Venema - Reporter

SAN ANTONIO - The mother of Julie Mott told a jury that she was "horrified and heartbroken, with a hole in her heart" when she learned that her daughter's body was missing from Mission Park Funeral Home following a memorial service in August 2015.

Sharlotte Mott testified Tuesday in the trial of a civil suit alleging negligence that the family filed against the funeral home seeking $1 million.

"We never had a chance to grieve properly. We hit a brick wall," Sharlotte Mott said.

Rather than grieving, the missing corpse became the family's focus.

Julie's body was awaiting transfer to a crematorium when it disappeared.

"Her last wish was to be cremated with some of her ashes to be spread across the ocean, and some to be buried with her horse, Penny," Sharlotte Mott said. "I couldn't complete that last wish."

Julie Mott's boyfriend, Bill Wilburn, was questioned by police following the disappearance, and is considered a person of interest in the case. He was charged with criminal trespassing after he tried to enter the funeral home twice in 2015.

Julie Mott's body has never been found, and until it is, her mother said there will be no closure.

"We will not be able to move on," she said.

Attorneys for the Mott family rested their case Tuesday. The defense is expected to begin presenting its case Wednesday in the 131st District Court with Judge Norma Gonzalez presiding.

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