Steve Browne Blog: Why I Wanted To Be A Weatherman

KSAT 12 Meteorologist Steve Browne talks about weather, snow and the day he was smarter than his 3rd grade teacher.

By Steve Browne - KSAT Weather Authority Meteorologist

SAN ANTONIO - Editor's Note:Saturday, February 5 in National Weatherman's Day. We wanted to take a moment to showcase the KSAT 12 Weather Team in a week that has kept them busy with subfreezing temperatures and weather alerts.

Believe it or not, I first became interested in the weather in the first grade. We had a New England winter similar to what they are experiencing this year. Blizzard after blizzard from December through March. I was fascinated by how snow storms worked to bring a region to a standstill and then there was the fun of no school - Yay! I noticed how important television and radio meteorologists were to my parent's decisions. I watched all three TV weathercasts every night. When I was 8 years old in the third grade our teacher asked if any of us knew what we wanted to be and I raised my hand and blurted out "a meteorologist." My teacher asked, "What's a meteorologist?"

Throughout my school years, I checked out every book about weather I could find in the school and public libraries. I even did the weather on my school's PA system. I had no doubt that I was going to college to study meteorology. I ended up getting a B.S. degree in Meteorology from Lowell Technological Institute in Massachusetts. (now UMASS at Lowell) While in college, I volunteered to do the weather for the campus radio station. Little did I know that experience would serve me well. When I graduated I got a small weekend job telling the weather at a commercial radio station on Cape Cod. The first thing the General Manager asked was if I had radio experience and I could look him in the eye and "oh yeah".

Later I worked for a private forecasting company called AccuWeather. For three years I forecast weather for radio and TV stations across the United States I rubbed shoulders and talked weather everyday with some of the best forecasters in the country. It was a great learning experience and I was in heaven, but eventually decided it was time to try out for TV. I went to Atlanta and tried out and kept trying out until they finally hired me as weekend meteorologist. I was pretty bad. Stiff and nervous, but you keep doing it and gradually become more comfortable on camera. I stayed in Atlanta for 9 years, then headed to Cleveland for a prime position at WKYC-TV.

KSAT in San Antonio hired me as chief meteorologist in 1992. I have worked with a group of very talented people ever since, and even though I don't often get to use my snow experience very often here, the weather changes often enough to keep me interested. I still write a weather blog on my Facebook page for my snowbound New England friends and family. I consider myself to be a very lucky guy to have made a career of doing something I love so much.

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