Storm Water Rapid Response Team keeps streets clear

By Sean Talbot - Producer

SAN ANTONIO - The city of San Antonio’s Transportation and Capital Improvements Department has created the Storm Water Rapid Response Team to help alleviate damage as a result of severe weather.

“We are a 24/7, 365 crew,” said Steven Boylan, SWRRT supervisor. “Whenever trees fall in the right-of-way, my crews responds.”

According to Boylan, while the team is given up to 24 hours to fix the problem, they typically get it done within one.

The team has spent many long days and nights cleaning up during and after severe weather, including the tornadoes that touched down in February.

“A screen flew off my house and slammed against my window, and as soon as I heard that, I got my keys and went into work,” he said. 

Boylan said he watched the news to figure out which areas the tornadoes were in and then dispatched the crews he had to those areas. The team then picked up trees as they went down the road to allow emergency response vehicles to get through.

The crews picked up about a thousand trees following those storms.

Once those trees are picked up, Boylan said his crews drop them off to be turned into mulch.

“The Solid Waste Department has two brush yards,” he said. "So we take all the trees to those two yards, we unload them and solid water puts them into big grinders and they mix them up for mulch.”

That mulch is available at both of those sites.

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