Street flooded? Here's how to file a report for improvements

3 steps to getting a response from the city

By Patty Santos - Reporter, Rob Garza - Photojournalist

SAN ANTONIO - Flooded roads and pooling on streets are among the top concerns constituents complain about, San Antonio Councilwoman Shirley Gonzales said.

The city has spent more than $110 million on street upgrades in recent years, but there are a lot of improvements that still need to be made.

Those improvements, however, can only happen when people speak up, Gonzales said.

"One misconception that people have is that the city already knows, and we actually don't," Gonzales said. "We are 100% reliable on the constituents to give us that information."

The three steps to getting the response are taking a photo of the flooded street or pooling, contacting 311 by phone or on the app, and reaching out to your City Council representative so they can follow up on the request.

West Side resident Hope Juarez said when rain is in the forecast, she worries about how she is going to get out of her driveway.

"(On) Monday, it rained, and it was a whole big puddle of water, and it comes up here to where we're going to open the gate," Juarez said.

It’s been a problem that she said has been reported to the city on and off for years.

"I would call them persistently, but then I stopped because I said, 'Let’s just leave it like that,' an issue going on about for 16 years," Juarez said.

"But now it’s to the point where it’s getting worse," Juarez said.

Juarez's latest call has her on the list for repairs through the 2020 bond, according to a city representative.

Five miles away, Erminia Godina said she’s been dealing with flooding on her road for decades, adding that her neighbors have taken the time to call 311.

"He calls and takes pictures, every flooding, every time. I say, 'Well, they said they were going to fix it this time.' He said, 'You wanna bet?'" Godina said.

Godina does not bet on it because she is skeptical, saying her road has been repaired three times and it still floods.

Godina laughed when she found out the road was on the list for repairs again. For now, Godina said she has found a way to walk around the mud that puddles up on her sidewalk after it rains.

As for Juarez, she said she’s going to continue to call and visit City Hall until her road is fixed.

"We got to get on it because if we don’t speak, no one’s going to come to help us," Juarez said.

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