Suspected credit card thief sought by police after $16,300 in illegal purchases

Castle Hills police: Illegal purchases made in less than a week

By Jessie Degollado - Reporter

CASTLE HILLS, Texas - A suspected credit card thief caught on surveillance video is being sought by Castle Hills Police after allegedly making $16,300 in illegal purchases in four days, from late February to early March.

Police Chief Wayne Davis said by allegedly using that one stolen credit card, “We’ve had a minimum of 24 illegal purchases from Target to O’Reilly’s, Home Depot, Best Buy and Walmart.”

The chief said the purchases began two days after an office building’s community mailbox was forced open, probably with a screwdriver or crowbar.

He said as luck would have it, the mailbox he pried open contained a brand new credit card.

Davis said that’s why he recommends picking up credit or debit card replacements in person at a bank.

The chief said the suspect, who may be part of an identity theft ring, was seen on surveillance video at a Walmart in Helotes, buying skin care products at a self-checkout.

He said the suspect can be seen taking out a card from his own wallet, only to put it back before reaching in his pants pocket for the stolen card. 

The suspect’s face isn’t visible at that point because the camera is overhead.

But another camera clearly shows him leaving the store on March 3 at 5:20 a.m. before turning around to rent  a movie, and then walking away.

“Very calm, cool, collected, did not seem suspicious at all to the average person,” Davis said.    

He said the man’s image should be recognizable to anyone who knows him.

Click here to see unedited video of the man suspected in this crime.

Davis urges they call Castle Hills police at 210-342-2341. He said they can leave information anonymously 24 hours a day.

Even if the man is caught, Davis said the owner of that stolen card faces months and possibly years trying to clean up his credit record. 

He also advises people never put anything in a community mailbox unless you know when it will be picked up for delivery.

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