Ricardo Rodriguez

Ricardo Rodriguez, 64, had been married to Therese Rodriguez for 11 years.

Both were longtime members of the church, according to Ricardo's daughter Regina. She said her dad and stepmom were active in the church.

"If they weren't at church, they were always in their yard working on their garden beds or cutting the grass," Regina said.

"He loved music. My favorite memories was waking up on a Saturday morning and watching 'Soul Train' with him, and '80s movies."

Regina said her dad, 64, and stepmother, 66, sometimes would take her children for the weekend and take them to church on Sundays. The children were not with them on the day of the shooting.

She said her father was "country," and her oldest son liked to wear the same style of pants, boots and hats as his grandfather.

"The oldest ones, they're the ones that are taking it hard," she said. "Especially my Justin -- he really looked up to my dad ... just waiting for my dad to pull up when he would come on the weekends."

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