TABC joins petition against popular local watering hole

Petition against popular local bar gains traction

By Courtney Friedman - VJ, Reporter

SAN ANTONIO - A popular bar on Broadway that's been around for 15 years has prompted various complaints from neighbors over the years.

Now, the Texas Alcohol and Beverage Commission is joining that protest, and the bar owner is outraged. 

A list of calls police have made to Rebar in the last year shows 37 total calls for things like noise complaints, drunk people and disturbances including assaults.

John Brenneman lives about 100 yards from the bar and said he made some of those calls.

"Any loud music, voices, vibrations coming out of that building it reverberates all the way down the street," Brenneman said.

He said the number of calls is not particularly high, but said that’s because he’s stopped calling so much. He didn't want to bother police anymore with noise complaint calls.

Instead he started a petition in September, a  month before Rebar would seek it's TABC license renewal. About 35 people signed it.

TABC's Field Operations Division then conducted it's own investigation into noise, trash and parking complaints.

On Jan. 26, TABC sent a letter addressed to Rebar, protesting the renewal of its application, even citing San Antonio Police Department as one of the protestants.

Rebar's owner and his attorney decided not to speak on camera. However, off camera the owner said police do show up for noise complaints, and they call code compliance officers who measure the sound levels.

He said in the two years he's owned the bar, he has not received a single violation. KSAT is still working to confirm that with the city.

The owner showed a KSAT crew the stage where all the live music is played. He said that the double doors leading outside are always closed.

He then mentioned a wall with a ceiling at the end of the outdoor area. He said it was built about three years ago to keep the music contained.

He then pointed out three bars within the block that also play music.

However, Brenneman insisted the noise comes from Rebar. He called that noise, along with disruptive customers, unbearable.

"There are so many of us that are upset, we're looking to close the establishment down," he said.

Rebar's owner said he's not doing anything wrong and refuses to back down.

After TABC's letter, the typical process is to set up a hearing in front of a judge. Both sides plan to be at that hearing, if and when it's scheduled.

Map shows Rebar's location in San Antonio.

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