Texas snitch line: Report a litterer

Don't mess with Texas

By Mary Claire Patton - Digital Content Curator

SAN ANTONIO - Texans don't take kindly to people trashing the state.

Did you know you can actually report litterers online?

More than 30 years after the Don't Mess With Texas campaign started, people are still tossing cigarette butts, fast-food wrappers and all manner of trash out their windows.

Just because something is small doesn't mean it isn't trash.

To report a litterer CLICK HERE.

Bookmark the page so you'll always have it for quick reference.

You'll need the license plate number, make and color of vehicle, date and time, location, who tossed the litter, and what was tossed.

What happens to the perpetrator? 

Texas Department of Transportation sends the litterbug a Don't Mess With Texas litterbag and a letter reminding them to keep their trash off Texas roads.

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