Texas TV sports reporter searches for birth mother with help of social media

Jessica Morrey chronicling search for birth mother for TV viewers

By RJ Marquez - Digital Content Curator

(Image via KCEN-TV)

BRUCEVILLE EDDY, Texas - A sports reporter and anchor in the Waco area is using the power of social media to try and find her birth mother.

Jessica Morrey of KCEN-TV took to Twitter to ask for help locating her birth mother. Morrey's tweet reads: 

I'm on the search for my birth mother! Can you help me find her? 

Name: Virginia Martinez
DOB: 04/09/1967 
Location: I was born in Chicago 

Twitter, please, do your thing! 

Morrey is also chronicling her journey for viewers on television.

She said she was adopted through a private attorney and her mother was 23 years old when she was born, and of Mexican-Italian descent. She was born in 1990 in Illinois and moved to Texas in 1997.

Morrey said she has lived a great life and she's thankful for her adoptive family. But she's always wondered about things as simple as her family's medical history and other things only her biological family would know. Morrey has hired a special investigator to help with her search.

Part of Morrey’s series delves into the emotional toll it can be for an adopted child to search for their birth parents because some reunions do not always end joyously.

She has a positive outlook and said no matter what happens, she will be OK. 

“Positive or negative, she still did the most unselfish thing that anyone can do by giving a child up for adoption,” Morrey said in a KCEN article. "So, no matter what the situation is, I’ll always be grateful and thankful for her.”

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