Armed man attempts to steal luxury cars in Bellaire, but couldn’t start either of them and flees with cash

BELLAIRE – A man attempted to steal two cars in Bellaire Wednesday night but was unsuccessful, the victims said. He also shot at a woman who tried to follow him after one of the robberies. He missed her.

The first attempted car robbery occurred around 7:45 p.m. at a Chevron gas station at Bellaire Boulevard and South Rice Avenue.

In surveillance video obtained by KPRC 2, the suspect walked up to the first victim while he was filling up his black Audi. The video shows the armed man approached the driver and demanded his wallet and keys. The victim said he handed the items over, but the robber couldn’t start the vehicle.

The suspect eventually ran off.

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The suspect is then followed by a witness at the gas station. When the suspect noticed the woman following him he fired shots at the woman but misses.

The Audi driver said he lost about $1,100 that he had in his wallet.

A few blocks away, the suspect attempted to steal a white BMW from another man.

However, the same scenario played out. The suspect couldn’t start the car.

The BMW driver said the suspect attempted to take the car for three minutes before he gave up and took off on foot.

“The guy started knocking on my door with a gun on my head,” said the second victim, Oscar Aguilar. "So eventually my reaction was to open the door give him my car keys and then he asked me for my wallet and my cell phone. "

No one was hurt in the attempted car robberies.

The suspect remains at large. Anyone with information is asked to call the Bellaire Police Department.