Texas 2020 Hotlist: The most competitive races in this year's primaries

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The Texas primaries are about to begin, and The Texas Tribune's Ross Ramsey and Patrick Svitek have assembled their list of some of the most competitive and interesting races on the Democratic and Republican primary ballots. Early voting starts Feb. 18, and election day is March 3. Runoffs — and it looks like there will be a lot of them, judging from the number of races with herds of candidates — will be May 26.

Our ranking of hot, hotter and hottest is entirely subjective — something to talk about when you’re talking about Texas politics. Here’s the entire ballot, if you want to build your own list or bolster your argument.

For our list, we’ve taken into account the threat to each incumbent or to the incumbent party, or just by the level of interest and heat they’re generating. It’s a mix of competitive heat, drama and interest.