Long wait times and broken machines: Nothing could stop this Dallas voter from casting a ballot

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Gwendolyn McMillan Lawe, 72, had to go to three polling locations in Dallas to cast a ballot in the November election. Credit: Courtesy of Gwendolyn McMillan Lawe

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Editor’s note: This coverage is made possible through Votebeat, a nonpartisan reporting project covering local election integrity and voting access. The article is available for reprint under the terms of Votebeat’s republishing policy.

For Gwendolyn McMillan Lawe, voting in the 2020 general election involved a lot of waiting and trips to a trio of Dallas-area polling sites.

While more than 11 million Texas voters cast ballots, calls to election hotlines, social media traffic and interviews with voters show that many Texans had issues with recording their votes. The pandemic, absentee ballot problems, technical issues and registration problems are among a list of hurdles that impacted Texans.

In the weekend edition of The Brief podcast, hear about Lawe’s experience trying to vote and why she was determined to make her voice heard.

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