Three arrested after illegal gambling operation shut down on South Side

Neighboring business employee describes popular game room, multiple seizures

By Courtney Friedman - VJ, Reporter

SAN ANTONIO - An illegal gambling operation was shut down on the city's South Side for the second time in the 3700 block of Pleasanton Road.

Neighboring business employees saw the whole thing unfold over several months and said they're glad police have put a stop to any alleged illegal activity.

A small yellow building on Pleasanton Road looks deserted now, but Miguel Castro, who works in the barber shop next door, said it used to be a bustling little area less than a month ago.

"It used to get packed over there," he said.

Police started investigating the Pleasanton Amusement Gameroom in early April when it had already started to get popular.

"Maybe four or five months. Not that long," Castro said, explaining that people were crowding in there every day. "Yeah, especially on weekends, gambling."

San Antonio police said William Camarillo Jr. and Alonzo P. Reyes were running the operation then.

"Supposedly, they were paying cash to the people who gambled there," Castro said.

More than $1,600, as well as $5 HEB gift cards, were allegedly being paid out to winners. Police seized them in late April.

San Antonio police also seized motherboards, gambling machines and documents showing gambling activities. The property, which police said is owned by Reyes, was shut down. On Aug. 2, a citizen told police the gambling had started up again, so the investigation did as well.

New undercover investigations revealed about 25 eight-liner machines were being used. An undercover officer said the customers who won were being paid with small bags of silver, worth $5 each.

The investigation led police to Sandra Jordan, who they believe was also running the gambling room with the two men.

On Aug. 23, police shut the business down a second time. They seized another $1,002, 27 electronic gambling machine motherboards, two gambling devices and paper documents they said proved gambling activity was happening.

"There were a lot of cops there. They kicked everyone out, threw all the chairs out and all that. Then two days later, they had big old trucks taking all the machines away," Castro said.

Castro said when the game room was still in operation, so many players would come that they would fill up even the barber shop side of the parking lot. Now that it's closed and locked up, he said that's not a problem anymore.

"More secure, like, there's no evil next door," he said.

William Camarillo Jr., Alonzo P. Reyes and Sandra Jordan are all charged with organized crime — gambling.

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