Timeline: Deputies went to Texas home where family killed 4 times

David Conley facing capital murder charges.

David Conley Mugshot

HOUSTON (AP) - A timeline from authorities shows that deputies went four times to a Houston home where six children and two adults were fatally shot before they tried to go inside after receiving numerous 911 calls asking them to check on the family.
The Harris County Sheriff's Office released the timeline Thursday after declining earlier this week to say how many times its deputies had responded after receiving the 911 calls.  
One came from the children's grandmother, who had received a text from her daughter saying she was being held at gunpoint. 
The timeline shows the four visits were spread over nine hours. 
The sheriff's office says deputies couldn't go in until they saw the body of one of the children through a window. 
David Conley, the ex-domestic partner of the children's mother is jailed, facing capital murder charges.

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