Two world champions become US citizens

Jiujitsu, wrestling champs realize their dreams

By Jessie Degollado - Reporter

SAN ANTONIO - It’s not often that two world champions become U.S. citizens on the same day and then serve as featured speakers at Thursday’s naturalization ceremony at the Institute of Texan Cultures.

Melissa Cervantes Robles, a wrestling champion originally from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, and Fabiana Alves Borges, a Brazilian jiujitsu champion, said the moment they raised their hands swearing their allegiance to the United States was a dream come true.

Robles, also known as Thunder Rosa and other wrestling monikers, said one of her fans in the military told her when he gave her his military insignia, “Because of people like you, I serve my country, and I’m so proud you became an American citizen.”

Borges said that, although her parents couldn’t be there to see her recite the Pledge of Allegiance, she hopes to someday bring them to the United States from Brazil.

“This is actually for them to come here and see the big things I have accomplished here,” Borges said.

The champions were among more than 200 other immigrants from over 40 countries to become U.S. citizens Thursday.

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